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Schumann Resonance Super Strong

Schumann Resonance has been off the charts for the past couple of days. If you're sensitive to energy you might be experiencing:

- Intense, vivid dreams - Lots of water, wave dreams - Waking up feeling seasick/nauseous - Feeling dizzy/off balance - Weird, restless sleep as if you are skimming the surface of sleep all night - Feeling like electricity is running through your body - Feeling like your heart is racing - High anxiety - Solar plexus activity- knot in stomach, nervous energy, increased bladder/bowel movements - Emotional for no reason or hyper- emotional to situations

If this is you, try to take things slow today:

- Focus on your breath with slow, deep breathing. - Have lots of water. - Be mindful of your food intake. You may feel like eating very lightly or you may need food that grounds you. - Stay away from news or people that heighten your anxiety.

It's an excellent day to be creative or journal for inner messages as your creativity and intuitive senses will be like a tap on full flow.

Your thoughts are super powerful today - you'll feel the effects immediately be they love, fear, worry, abundance etc based. Everything feels super-charged so use this influence in a good way.

It's hard to find info on the SR (said to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth). Spikes can be natural, and they can also be a result of interference eg HAARP.

This page has some good info.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2018

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