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Solar Eclipse opposite Pluto: From Darkness into Light

The Solar Eclipse on Friday 13 July 12.47pm (AEST) (Thursday 12 July 7.47pm PST/10.47pm EST) is opposite Pluto so it's going to be a big one for a lot of people.

Solar Eclipses, if they affect you, (depends where it is in your natal chart - this one is 20 degrees Cancer), often trigger unexpected life events that accelerate our path/growth in some way. They open us up, sometimes with fabulous opportunities, and other times through challenging experiences. Pluto is about total transformation, and can signal death or rebirth, be it physical/literal, emotional or metaphorical.  Solar Eclipses in general, but even more so with Pluto involved, can make you feel "My life will never be the same again" so extreme is the shift you go through.

Themes of this Solar Eclipse: Life/Death/Rebirth, where have you not felt safe vs what needs to happen for your Soul to feel safe, where do you hide vs what needs to happen for you to emerge from your shell, Home, Family, Nourishment, Nurturing, Self-care, Mother energy, Father energy, Transformation, Deep Soul Healing.

This has been quite the week. The world has been transfixed by the miracle of "Mission Impossible": a team of 1000 people coming together to save 12 young boys and their coach from a cave in Thailand. Navy Seals, volunteer divers, doctors, engineers, water pump managers, farmers, cooks, masseurs and so many more all showed up to make the impossible possible and support those going in every day.

In terms of the Solar Eclipse/Pluto theme, I can't help but think of the extraordinary week that Australian doctor and cave diving expert Dr Richard Harris has had. The Thai Government and Thai Navy Seals are thanking him for the pivotal role he had in making sure the boys got out healthy, safe and alive. He dived in to them every day, and came out each night, deciding who would go out in which order. When the rescue effort was complete, he then found out that his father had passed on. Our thoughts are with him, and with everyone involved in this truly incredible rescue. Thoughts are also with Saman Gunan, the Thai Navy Seal who lost his life taking oxygen to the boys.

Some of the most common comments on social media were about how GOOD it felt to have a good news story and especially one where everyone felt so united. I believe with all my heart that this is humanity's natural state of being: helping each other, praying for each other, wishing others the best, wanting positive outcomes and feeling united in a common cause.

Obviously, there are a lot of children (and adults) needing saving from all sorts of situations. This week reminded us of the power humanity has to get things done, when we really want to (and when we aren't being stopped by those who it serves not to get things done).

I feel that this past week has positively affected so many people in the world who perhaps have been feeling like we are ultimately powerless over the plight of others. This week showed just how powerful people can be when we work together without 'sides', when experts and regular people all jump in to do whatever they can.

Has the Solar Eclipse affected you yet?

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