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Let Love In during Mars Retro

I didn't plan it this way, but appropriately the next group run of LET LOVE IN STARTING THIS MONDAY 2 JULY is happening for the whole 2 months of the Mars Retrograde.

Why appropriate? This Retro period is a time to look at your energy closely. How do you use it? How do you express it? What messages is it sending out? I am SO passionate about turning the mirror inward to look at why we attract the people/situations/patterns we attract so that we can then shift our energy and in turn CHANGE our external experience.

This course was a result of my own journey, looking at the relationship patterns I used to have. The same sort of experience re-occurred every time (attracted beautiful free spirits who weren't 'ready' for a committed relationship). There was another common factor in all those relationships: ME! I invested some time solidly exploring what was going on, and made a decision to say no to that pattern. My fork in the road moment was deciding that I deserved nothing less than a healthy, soul-connected, committed relationship and if not that then I at least was going to have the best possible relationship and life with my Self!

For over a year various processes came to me - all of which are included in this course. Through a series of synchronicities (the Universe knows where you live!) Christian then re-entered my life - we had known each other 14 years prior. This year we celebrate our 11th anniversary!

Let Love In has also been very helpful for those currently IN a relationship who know something needs to change. Usually, one or both people need to heal some old stuff that is getting in the way of their current happiness. In some cases the relationship has potential to be renewed and a new chapter started together. In other cases, the relationship has run its course and it is time to part ways. If that is the case, parting with clarity in your mind and peace in your heart ensures the best possible foundation for your next chapter moving forward.

If you want a healthy love relationship, and need some help to let that in, then this 2 month course will help you do that.

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