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Freedom from Restriction

Mars is going retrograde tomorrow. This is often interpreted as our energy and motivation taking a step back, but the exact opposite can happen. Retro periods help us see things more clearly. They highlight where we might be sabotaging ourselves or doing things that aren't working anymore. Things happen in fast forward speedy time these days so you'll likely find yourself feeling compelled to put your new ideas into practice as soon as you realise what you could be doing differently. So, the next couple of months could actually be a more productive time than usual...not less. There's a feeling of working smarter, not harder. Where can you be more efficient, using your time and energy more effectively? Heads up: Mars is starting the retro journey the day before the Full Moon so the Mars energy could play out in a very emotional way for some of you. Saturn will be conjunct (in the same place as) this Full Moon, both of which happen to be in Capricorn right now who is the ruler of Saturn. So that's a double whammy for father energy/issues, restrictions, limitations, anything requiring discipline, dealings with authority, or taking greater responsibility for something or someone. Mars in Aquarius wants total freedom and to be his or her own person. "Don't restrict me!"

This Full Moon perfectly kicks off the entire Mars Retro theme which is going to help you see where you are not moving forward as freely as you could be, and what you need to do to change that 💃🏽

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