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From Survival Mode to Self-Care

Lately it seems like almost everyone is going through some sort of crisis or major life change, or supporting someone going through these things. As challenging as this is, these situations are helping to put life into perspective. They are making us slow down, ease back on our schedules, re-prioritise what’s important and make changes where change is long overdue. We are getting big wake up calls left, right and centre making us ask ourselves: What in my life is contributing to my health and wellbeing? What is causing me stress? What is making me or my family sick? Awakening comes with realisations that necessitate changing your physical actions and habits. If you’re getting major messages to slow down/make changes, and have not yet been able to find a way to do so, you’re likely finding that your mental/emotional/physical response to any life imbalance is getting stronger and harder to ignore.

Year ago when people talked about ‘The Shift’, a lot of the focus was on the better world we are here to create. However, there is and always has been a bridge from here to there. That bridge is a transitional space, where everything that is not in alignment with a more authentic way of being, comes up for healing, transformation, balance or release. This is happening on a personal level, community level, national level, and global level.

On an energetic level we are balancing the see-saw, going from a dominating masculine/repressed feminine model, to a healthy, honouring of the feminine/return to healthy masculine model. We are moving from a survival of the fittest and fastest model, to a “you need to practice some self-care and community care or you’re going to burn out personally and collectively” model.

So crises are occurring to more people these days, more often, as part of our Soul’s way and Humanity’s way of rebalancing ourselves. Superficial goals and priorities have to make way for our Soul’s authentic needs, dreams and desires.

Put bluntly, our Soul’s are currently blowing the lids off all the bullsh*# we have been taught is important or real, but actually isn’t. Do you have any old, non-serving beliefs? They are likely in your face right now. Have any old patterns that are reoccurring?? Time to press stop and eject, once and for all. Are you looking at aspects of the external world and media news and feeling like you are watching a movie, with actors? Are you completely confused because some things ring as truth while others things are feeling totally fake? Welcome to the pulling back of the Wizard of Oz curtain, as we start finding out what exactly is true and what is an illusion, who is trustworthy, and who is actually an actor on the grand global stage.

Yep it’s all looking a little messy, but at the same time it’s also starting to look cleaner. This is exactly like when you clear out a room in your house. It’s messy during the process, yet pockets of ultra clean start popping up as you get the old stuff out and prepare to put the new stuff in.

How are you all feeling?

P.S If you resonate with the idea that we are being called to move out of survival mode and into self-care (and heal the shame around self-love/self-worth/self-value that often stops us from doing so), then please jump on in to our

This topic From Survival Mode to Self Care (and healing the Shame that stops us) will be our theme starting with next week’s New Moon. In the meantime you will have access to all the content from our April theme which was Remembering our Herstory.

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