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Easing into May

May will hopefully be a gentler month than the crazy emotional dodgem car ride that was April. Last month we had both Pluto and Saturn go retrograde, while Chiron changed signs moving into Aries after 7 years in Pisces. This trio created a feeling like someone continually pushing you under water while you're simultaneously being squeezed by a vice. On top of this we had Monday's Full Moon in Scorpio. Since then then we've started to feel some relief and release as the intensity of all April's movements starts to ease. If you have any old wounds, old triggers, shadows yet to be fully owned, old issues around father/men/the masculine or stability/security, you may have experienced those flaring up strongly over the past few weeks.

Journal Prompt: Take some time to write about anything that keeps flaring up. Ask: What is this emotion/situation/health issue trying to teach me? Why do I keep pushing away xyz? What would it mean to allow/let in abc? Globally and collectively we can feel the showreel is running out of tape. It's like that last episode on Seinfeld where one of them say a joke and the others don't laugh "We've done that one already." Oh yeah. The momentum that the old world was running on is done. From personal and family karmic cycles needing to get wrapped up and closed, to the exposure of global elite circles spilling out for all to see, it's a time when the theatre ushers are escorting everyone out: "It's time to go find yourselves a new movie." Meanwhile the curtain has been pulled back by the cleanup crew revealing the truth behind the flashy show. So here we are in this odd time of truth. Odd because it simultaneously brings up feelings of liberation, freedom, grief, depression, connection and isolation. So many people are going through changes that it can feel like we are all in our little bubbles, doing our best to get air when we can in between dunks. Your usual habit of being there for others may not be possible while you tend to yourself. Likewise your usual support circle may be tired out from their own current goings on. We take it in turns to do what we can. Some of you may be full of energy creating new initiatives and projects- new systems and structures need to be in place as the old collapses around us. If you have energy to spare look around to see if there is someone who needs your help be it a phone call to check on a friend, a donation of food or clothing, or just listening to someone who needs to talk. How are you feeling? 💗❤️

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