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Sadness being triggered

Sending lots of love to everyone. My FB feed is filled with posts by friends going through crisis, experiencing various forms of tragedy, loss and shock this week/this month.

So much sadness is being triggered at the moment, and I've definitely been feeling it. For some it's a result of events in your life, or in the lives of those close to you. In other cases, old sadness that has been held by the body for a long time is being released. You might feel yourself feeling sad for no particular reason or your sadness might seem out of proportion to the actual situation causing it.

Australia's psyche right now for example has been deeply impacted by the cricket cheating scandal, creating a tidal wave of emotional reactions. With all that's going on in the world it might seem strange that a bit of illegal sticky tape use would result in adult men crying and feeling sick, but that is exactly what's happened this week in homes across the country going by comments online and on radio.

So what is going on here?

Our hearts are being awakened to a whole new level of feeling, sensitivity, empathy and emotional awareness.

We are being given opportunities to love in a deeper way.

We are being urged to help each other, in any way we can.

We are being called to draw lines in the sand, saying enough to behaviour, laws and actions that don't match the reality we deserve.

Sometimes the line is firm, especially when it comes to intentionally hurtful or harmful acts.

Other times it is appropriate to open-heartedly accept an apology, know we all makes mistakes and learn to forgive.

Authenticity, integrity and transparency are becoming the foundation stones of our new paradigm.

Out of alignment anything and everything is being highlighted.

Navigating our way through these new waters together will be a step by step process. Ideally it is one we do gently, treating ourselves and each other with care.

How are you all feeling?

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