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The Event...your thoughts?

You may have seen a flurry of info popping up in your social media or you tube feeds re 'the event' with a certain date/time frame attached. I have mixed feelings about 'the event' type info, and would love to hear your thoughts on it all.

'The Event' is something that lots of people have seen in their dreams, via QHHT sessions (quantum healing hypnosis) or through other intuitive visions. Most people see a rainbow light, haze or shimmer rolling in, covering the planet with good vibes.

On the one hand, should a rainbow haze of bright light roll in, it's good for everyone to know that there's nothing to be scared of. Enjoy the high vibes and take it all in!

On the other hand, knowing that so many people are constantly waiting for 'the event' is concerning on a few levels:

1) Be VERY discerning when receiving information from sources 'up there and out there'. That's rich coming from someone who has communicated with 'up there and out there' my whole life I know! But it is because I have that I know that all is not as it seems 'up there' - that is, other realms and dimensions are filled with all kinds of beings with all kinds of agendas. Just because a being is non-physical doesn't mean that whatever they have to say is a) true and b) helpful. Don't hand over your power. Ask some tough questions. And if you don't feel comfortable with what you are being told it's okay to say "I don't resonate with this."

2) A lot of people are saying that they are 'done' with being here and want this reality to be over with already. If this is you, firstly big love to you. Life can be really hard at times, be it due to outer events or inner emotions. That said, life can also be really wonderful, surprising, fun, joyful, nurturing and creative. Know that you have what it takes inside you to move through any challenges - and actually end up thriving after the process because there's nothing like a challenge to refresh your perspective on life.

If you aren't feeling good, and you have the energy or headspace, then go for a walk. Start a yoga routine. Go for a swim. Call a friend. Put on some music. Do a little dancing around. Dive deep into any recurring emotions/patterns and pluck out the root. Switch off from media that doesn't feel good. Start a project. Plant a tree, herbs or flowers. Help someone else in need. Write that book. Start that blog. Bake a cake. Have a tea. Make a plan for something that you can look forward to.

We didn't come here to feel in despair until the magic light comes. We are the magic light. Switch it on and shine it out there, and remember to shine it inward onto your own self.

3) We are so lucky to be alive, here, now, on this planet. Yes humanity has some big issues we need to deal with. Yes there are some terrible people doing terrible things. Yes we have been lied to by physical and non-physical beings who are used to using us. Even more reason for YOUR light to be here. You are here to USE your energy and light in a good way and to bust open the facade that has us living a limited version of reality. It is time to embody who you really are and express it. Ask yourself: what do I want to do in order to contribute to the creation of the world I know I am here to create and live in? Are you here to create new systems or bust the old ones? Are you a truthseeker or a healer helper? Are you a marine caretaker or environmental guardian? Are you a mother, father, aunt, uncle, friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, carer, partner or teacher who is here to love and care for your loved ones? Find what feels good and do it.

4) Look around. We are honestly living on a paradise planet. I don't mean our systems and the way things have been run. I mean the literal, physical planet: the grass, the trees, the animals, the fruit, the vegetables, the flowers, the marine life, the mountains, the ocean, the beaches, the birds, you get the picture. All with a sun giving us light and life and warmth. Watch a nature documentary to remember where you live and realise how lucky you are. Then ask: what do I want to do to nurture this beauty, to make sure Earth is looked after for future generations?

We ARE living in a time where consciousness is shifting rapidly. Waves of high frequency energy are rolling in, whether you see or feel them or not. Will one of these waves be a visible rainbow covering the planet? I don't know. But being given dates, only for those dates to come and go, is pumping up everyone's adrenals, and then causing people to go into a slump, into depression and disillusionment when 'nothing' happens. (Even though PLENTY IS HAPPENING!!).

I don't mean to diminish any of the positive messages that are out there. I really love the QHHT peeps, and I understand their need to pass on these event-related messages when SO many clients are reporting the same thing. I am just very concerned that some of the most powerful people on this planet - ie people like YOU who have huge lights and thus huge gifts - are constantly being told that an event is coming that will change everything and we just have to be patient and wait for it. Meanwhile there is a beautiful Earth to live on, there are millions of ideas and projects to create, there are billions of humans to help out, there is a tonne of fun to be had, there is beauty and pain and love, and it's all here right now gifting us.

This isn't to say a shift isn't happening - it is, we're in it right now. The collective reality is completely different to what it was even 6 months ago, and it will keep shifting in bigger ways. While the old world is unravelling, get on with building the new one. Do what you love to do, and what you came here to do. If a rainbow light arrives to help us along then fabulous. If not all good, we can make our own rainbow light <3

So - what are you feeling? What are your thoughts? xx

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