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Flow with the current of your Soul

Mercury goes into retrograde today. I've lost count of how many appointment times I've had to change this week be it to do with work, friends or school happenings! My diary is filled with things crossed out and changed to other days. (Yes I still use a paper diary, I love my pen and paper!)

I have to say though, even though Mercury is known for making things like plans, communications and electronics go a little haywire, this whole year has been one of those 'Just go with it" kinds of years. It's like there are a couple of realities going on: the one you plan and write down in your diary - and then the real, soul plan that overrides any other plans and says "Here is what you are really doing this week. No you aren't seeing that person today, you are seeing this person today. Forget that deadline for that project, and work on this deadline for this project."

Our soul has always had the reins, but this year she/he feels to be using those reins in more direct and constant ways. The more we surrender to this natural flow, letting go of what we think should happen and letting in what most wants and needs to happen, the easier we'll find it to deal with whatever comes our way - or doesn't come, as the case may be.

I'm not talking here about taking a passive approach to life - rather, be an active, awake participant in the strong current of your Soul when it is obvious that you are being taken this way, not that way. When plans unexpectedly change take a breath before getting upset.

Have your plans/appointments been changing around more than usual this week...or this year?

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