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Time is up: on ALL of it

I'd love your comments on the #whywewearblack theme at the Golden Globes. (Didn't watch it and if you didn't either, the female actresses all wore black in solidarity of other women who are whistleblowing re workplace sexual harassment, calling for gender pay parity, and saying #timesup re the way women are treated.) On the one hand, it's absolutely fantastic that the issue of sexual harassment and abuse of women in the workplace (or anywhere) is taking centre stage. The Hollywood happenings are giving a lot of other women and men the courage to speak up. This is generating conversation and putting perpetrators on notice. This is a major part of our big collective paradigm shift. On the other hand I feel physically sick to know of all the perpetrators still sitting there in Hollywood with their Times Up pins on. I feel physically sick that the pedophile rings are being barely acknowledged by Hollywood - yet growing in momentum by the day on Twitter and YouTube. It is totally hypocritical, in my opinion, to be part of this movement but continue to work with and worship directors who are known child molesters. It is some major cognitive dissonance to be part of this movement and support known sexual predators. Why are some men being kicked out of Hollywood while others remain because, "well we can't know for sure" and "you just have to put that to one side", separating art from the artist? The truth will come out. This year is going to be huge. In the meantime we can celebrate small steps forward and keep rocking this boat because it's a big one!!💃🏻❤️ What are your thoughts?? ✨✨✨

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