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Saturn in Capricorn: The Building Site Foreman

Saturn entered Capricorn on the Solstice over the past 24 hours. This is Saturn's home sign, one he was last in 30 years ago in 1988. I get the image of a hands-on building supervisor walking in on a job, rolling up his sleeves and saying "Alright, where are we at? What is everyone up to? What is left to do?" Saturn looks around. Things are a little behind schedule. A few people have been lazing around on the job. Some have been hard at work but feeling unsupported or without proper direction. The building is going up but let's be honest, things are a bit all over the place. Where is Capricorn in your natal chart? That's where Saturn is going to start exerting his fatherly discipline and continue for the next 2.5 years. He is all for rewards...but he wants to see you put in the work. He's realistic and down to Earth: "You want good fruit? Plant good seeds." He's the King of Karma. You sometimes have to bide your time (Saturn is the original TimeLord), but eventually you reap what you do others. Delays in both justice and opportunity can finally deliver the destined right results. Saturn in Capricorn asks us to take responsibility for what we have created, and for what we say we want. Saturn asks: what are you thinking, saying and doing in your day to day life that supports what you want? What are you thinking/saying/doing that contradicts what you want? Saturn in Capricorn will really be a roll up our sleeves time for the world. We have to stop expecting someone or something "out there" to fix things be it politicians or corporations or energy waves. All of these things are powerful tools but ultimately we choose how to use them. We are the most powerful tool of all. Saturn in Capricorn will help you wherever you need help with perseverance, tenacity, endurance and a never give up attitude. This is the mountain goat who one step at a time makes his way to the top of the hill, no matter how long it takes. This is an excellent time to commit to living life with greater integrity regarding your greater intentions. Do your purchasing decisions reflect your desire to take care of the planet? Do your daily work habits support your ultimate creative or career goals? Are you showing up in the world in alignment with your Soul's goals? 💗💗💗

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