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Full Moon Aries + Facebook Live Details

Full Moons can make us feel more emotional than usual, and when in Aries that emotion can come out as anger (our own or other people's).

When we feel something that is overwhelming, imagine a volcano needing to erupt, and we don't know how to adequately or healthily express those feelings, we tend to either internalize them (repress them), or hurl them onto someone else.

If we have repressed them, along will come someone to hurl their feelings onto us, which in the grand soul scheme of things is a way of triggering our repressed feelings so that we can properly feel them, hear their message and release them. Usually though, we feel so emotional that we don't think to ask ourselves "What is this triggering in me?" and instead we want to just curl up under a blanket until the discomfort passes.

While this feels good in the moment and sometimes it's what we need to do to get through the intensity, if we don't eventually ask ourselves the question, chances are that along will came another situation at some point to make us look at whatever we aren't wanting to look at!

So if you have had some uncomfortable feelings come up for you today, from within you, or hurled toward you, ask yourself (before or after hiding under a blanket):

What is this triggering in me? What feeling is really underneath this? What is the message of that feeling? What aspect of me wants my attention?

Find the GEM underneath it all.


Sydney: Friday 6 Oct 8.30am London: Thurs 5 Oct 10.30pm LA/NY: Thurs 5 Oct 2.30pm/5.30pm

We are living in times where everything is being intensified, including everything that has been out of balance for a long time so that we can address it (personally and globally). The violence, abuse of power, control and domination we are seeing is a climax point for humanity, forcing us to confront multiple issues that have been simmering away - for decades, for centuries and in some cases for millenia.

If you are feeling upset, confused or scared by what you seeing happening in the world right now, and are in need of some soothing, clarity, or a place to talk about it, please join me for this week's Facebook Live.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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