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The Great Mother. She. Female Creator.

Ancient stories, artefacts and traditions included a Female Creator. The Great Mother. She. Somewhere along the line this Feminine Force was diluted and almost deleted from our modern history. The dominant focus has been on the Masculine Force as the primary or only Creator, with a suppression of the Feminine. This has affected all of us spiritually, socially, personally and globally. It has affected us emotionally. It has affected us politically.

It has resulted in the repression of women, and the repression of the Feminine in both women and men.

It has made us perceive so many of our strengths – intuition, feelings, nurturing, compassion – as weaknesses.

It has interfered with the natural process of birth which too often results in the “cascade of interventions”, traumatizing mothers and babies with ripple effects lasting for generations. It has resulted in a world run by a dysfunctional version of masculine energy, overpowering and wounded at the same time.

As we allow the Feminine to rise, as we honour her presence above us and within us, we are simultaneously healing and balancing the Masculine. The two energies are intertwined. What happens to one affects the other in the same way that the tilt of a see-saw on one side automatically makes the opposite side move.

This is an Excerpt from She Fire: A 13 Week Circle.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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