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Winter Solstice Spiral Walk

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone in the Southern Hemisphere. 🌎 This week Jax's Kindergarten class are doing a Spiral Walk to honour the change of season not only for the Earth but for our inner rhythm too. One by one they'll walk the spiral that's been made from flowers and ivy. They carry a cored apple with an unlit candle, walking to a centre candle from which they'll light their own. 💖 Here's a beautiful excerpt from our school newsletter: "Mid winter is one of the most important festivals of the year. The spiral walk for Kindergarten and Classes 1 - 4 is so simple yet can be a profound experience. For children, sitting calmly and patiently, absorbing the quiet stillness of the room, observing and then participating in the walking of the spiral to find the light is very significant. That walk symbolises our turning inward during the dark of winter whilst also holding that light of love within. It is this light which carries us forward as individuals and as human beings who are part of something much bigger. That light has huge potential for us and humanity in general if we can take the time and effort to access it." Imagine if we were all taught from a young age that there's a time to go inward, to rest, to be calm after busy periods of expansion and activity. In our society too often we don't rest until adrenal fatigue or the flu, stress or some other ailment steps in to say "Enough!" 💗 Imagine if we were all taught from a young age that we have a light inside that we have access to all the time, a light to guide us and use to help others. ✨ This Solstice, and over the next few months, have some patience with yourself. Check in to see what your body and soul need. Learn to flow with your personal natural rhythms as best as you can, be that earlier to bed or reducing any activity that is too much right now.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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