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Jupiter direct: a little breathing space

Jupiter goes direct today after 4 months retro, in a way completing what has been a really hectic period of several planets going back and forth all at the same time for most of the year. We do still have Saturn and Pluto retro, but now that Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are back on the green light highway we can expect a little breathing space from the retrograding traffic craziness we've been experiencing since Feb.

We're living in times where we feel energetic waves and influences so much more, as does everyone around us, and that's why this year has felt like we are, as Trinity Jewels by Christian said the other day "in a car with no brakes." Our personal and social/global potential is being awakened ready or not. Our inner and collective wounds are being brought to the surface, like it or not. When planets go retrograde it's like they are driving over the same spot a few times, forward, reverse, forward, just to make sure you get the message you need to get, loud and clear.

So if you've found yourself saying "enough already!' or 'give me a break!', then June might offer the mental health rest you've been waiting for. If you've felt muddled or foggy about directions to take or decisions you need to make, things should start clearing up. If something has been on hold regarding expected money coming in, a work change or promotion, house move, or desired expansion in any way, then Mr Good Fortune Jupiter is on your side as long as you have been approaching things in a good way.

There is also a Full Moon tomorrow night, adding to the general exhale feeling that closure of some sort is upon us. At least until the next wave of energetic activity! But for now, it's a good time to reflect a bit on what this year so far has shown you/taught you, and what you want to do from now, going forward.

Looking ahead to the end of this year (as much as it is possible to look that far ahead anymore!), what do you want to have accomplished this year? Not just physical/material goals, but also inner goals eg learning how to stop and breathe before having a meltdown, minimizing judgement toward yourself and others, changing habits, spending more time doing what's important to you, spending more time with who is important to you.

How are you all feeling, and what new shifts in gear do you want to have made by the end of this year (or maybe have already?)

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

#LifeSoul #Jupiterdirect

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