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False Flag frenzy

The recent attacks in Manchester and London, (and New York, and Melbourne, and, and, and, and) all have the markings of being highly-orchestrated false flag operations. My heart goes out to everyone affected, as innocent people get caught up in the despicable plans of those who are doing everything possible to create chaos, to incite fear and division, and keep humanity from being fully free.

When people hear the words false flag they think it refers to a conspiracy theory, when a false flag is in fact a term used for covert operations conducted by 'special forces' usually to swing public opinion, political actions and laws a certain way.

There's also an assumption by some people that no-one gets hurt in a false flag. The key players in a false flag operation don't care if there are casualties in what they believe is a 'necessary means to an end goal'.

As long as we are all told, and believe, it is all 'the terrorists', our ability to think and question and research and intuit for ourselves is pushed to the side. In a world where people are feeling scared and unsafe, it is natural to want to direct our anger onto someone. But we can't waste our energy being angry at the wrong someones. In a time when we feel powerless when we wonder what can we do, it can feel comforting that those in power are working to do something about all these attacks. But what if those in power have no real power at all against those who pull their strings from a higher level? Comfort based on a false belief is no comfort at all.

So what can we do? Information is power. When we become more informed about things we become less susceptible to swallowing the latest story being thrown at us. We can feel it when things don't add up - or when things add up too perfectly, too quickly. We don't get emotionally hooked into the 'us against them' division strategy.

2017 has an energy and power around it like no year before. In many ways things are unfolding in our regular, personal daily lives as if we are in a new dream-like world where left is right, and up is down. Business as usual has left the building. Things we never imagined happening are happening. Miracles are occurring. Crazy, unexpected non-stop events seem to be the norm now. Everyone seems to know more people than usual who have left the planet lately, which in turn makes those left behind feel life more acutely, in both painful and beautiful ways.

Our old reality is fast fading, even while the mainstream news makes it seem like the dark side has taken over. The reason it feels like that is, their agenda is now becoming more obvious, more transparent. Ultimately though, they (whoever 'they' are) can't touch what is real. We own our hearts and our souls, and ultimately we choose how we want to feel, love and live.

Keep your eyes and ears open to truth.

Keep your heart open to love.

Let your soul guide your actions and information-gathering.

A suggested prayer: Thank you that I do the most good for the most amount of people, in the best possible way for all. Aho.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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