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Venus busts out of shadow

Venus finally leaves her Shadow period today, which means that if you have had a major situation playing out since March 5 (with a lead up throughout February), likely around the subject of love relationships, money, your self-value/self-worth, or major 'luxury' purchase that has been put on hold (home, car, furnishings, new wardrobe etc), then you will hopefully be feeling you are emerging from that chapter right about now.

Venus retrogrades, like any retrograde, don't delay things or send things pear-shaped just to make life harder for a while. They have the big picture in mind. They are all about course corrections, reviewing things, upgrading outdated beliefs and habits.

Prior to a retrograde you may think you are chugging along full steam ahead with something, and then you are stopped in your tracks. The pit crew come along to say hey, you are on the right road here but you need a new set of tyres and an oil change before you can go further. Or the flag person will say hey, we have to block this road as it's headed for a ditch, turn left and there's the new track over there.

While Venus went direct a month ago, she's spent that month having to go back over the same ground she was retrograding over. It's like she drove from LA to Vegas in Feb, had to go back to LA during March, and has been driving to Vegas again since April. Last night she got back to Vegas, and as of today is moving on to fresh, new greener pastures, all the wealthier and wiser for her travels and experiences.

Mercury is also out of his shadow period this weekend, and so it's nice to have these two back on the green light highway for a while.

If you had quite the Venus journey, know that she always leaves you a gift, be that new insight, new habits, upgraded beliefs, or some tangible, physical shifts in your life that are for the best in the long-term.

How are you feeling? Have you had a Venus theme play out that you can see coming to an end/conclusion around now?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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