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The Schumann spike

This image is creating a lot of hubub with people saying the Schumann Resonance has hit 120hz (it's usually 7.8hz, had some spikes in 2014 to 16hz, went to 39hz in Feb this year and was allegedly 90hz on Easter Sunday). While I knew my solar flares inside out and back to front, I am not as familiar with the SR graphs and their various measurements. The Feb spike was verified by someone I spoke to with a background in physics as 'unusual' but I haven't been able to get contact again with that person to verify the spikes since.

Energetically, my feeling is that there is man-made interference here with either the SR or with the interpretation of the graphs/spreading of misinformation. Yes Mother Earth spikes naturally, yes the energy this year is off the richter scale in terms of mass shifting (that includes mass awakening as well as mass shadows coming to the surface to be acknowledged), but when I look at these graphs together with what is being written re the 120hz spike, something doesn't feel quite right. I am happy to be proven wrong, in fact I would love it if this is the real authentic natural deal, but I just have to be honest rather than write a post saying how exciting this is when my gut is saying hmmm is the hubub yet another distraction or are the so called powers emf'ing the crap out of us right now?

Whatever the situation, keep your focus on your inner guidance,on your breath connecting you to a place of inner calm, from which you can go about your days in a way that is most aligned to your heart and soul.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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