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Global elite whistleblower

This Dutch whistleblower got to one of the highest levels of the global financial system and saw how the world really works, and how humanity are controlled and manipulated. As so many before him have also told us, he says that the global game we see, the wars and political "sides", are manufactured for the many benefits they provide the elite top of the pyramid: money, power and a way to keep us all divided and arguing. He says our power lies in unity, and in our light.

The first 20 min covers how he got to that level. He goes into certain specifics about the financial game which can be a dry topic for some, but persevere because this intro to his background gives so much insight into how the bigger picture works.

Don't be scared or put off by the title, he doesn't give any graphic details, only saying that his tipping point came when he was invited to take part in sacrifices involving children. As he says that he is very emotional, then goes on to talk about how he got out of that life when his body literally shut down.

The truth about this has been coming out for decades but late last year the momentum began for mass revelations and we have to thank all the brave people involved in that, many of whom do so at the cost of their lives.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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