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Retrogrades: renewals and reviews

With Saturn having gone Retrograde a few days ago and Mercury starting his Retro journey tomorrow, these two planets join Venus and Jupiter in the reversing lane.

Retro periods have a bad rep where we can feel like aspects of our life have suddenly ground to a halt or aren't going quite the way we wanted them to. However, they are actually pretty busy times because while certain plans are delayed, other issues are intensified. Our attention to these issues usually means that we clear up or clean up something that has needed reviewing or resolving for a long time. A Retrograde period is life's way of saying "Look, I know you want to move forward but first you really need to address this, heal that, shift this pattern/belief and let go of xyz altogether. It's going to feel intense but you'll feel so much lighter and clearer afterward, and it will change how you might otherwise have chosen to approach abc."

Once the Retrograde period is over, and the planet starts going direct again, and our delayed plans resume, it's common to act from a very different headspace or perspective or emotional space. If retrograding planets are affecting important points on your personal Astro chart, it can mean that you emerge from that Retrograde feeling a lot like a different person. In that sense, Retro periods offer opportunities of renewal, re-creating ourselves or situations or relationships wherever there is a long overdue need for an overhaul.

Venus has probably been the one most of you have felt the most over the past 5-6 weeks, triggering issues around love, money, self-worth, self-value, our feminine energy and for women, anything specific to our expression of ourselves as a woman. Venus goes direct 15 April so if you've experienced shifts or uncertainty in any of these areas, clarity and integration of your new realisations will start coming into focus in the weeks following.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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