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Trafficking truth: keep the ball rolling

This topic is not an easy one to read or write about, but reading or writing about it is nothing compared to what millions of trafficked children are subjected to every day, all around the world. This is not happening 'over there' in some far-flung country. It is happening in your country, and very likely in your city. Some children have lost their families and become vulnerable that way, others are brought into rings by those they should be able to trust the most. This is beyond random individuals, these are organised rings that operate with the knowledge (and even involvement) of some of the most highest-ranking members of our society. (I went into this a lot in my 2017 Energy report for those who are interested in more info).

Please say a prayer that the rings are exposed, that the children, men and women being bought and sold (or used freely) are given the love and support they need, and that those working to rescue them are protected and also supported. I'm sharing this article that someone brought to my attention. It is written in as gentle a way as possible by the author, no graphic details, but the photo and content can be a trigger for some. It discusses the reality that high-level people are involved globally, and in light of the momentum started late last year we need to keep the ball rolling as far as investigations - and charges - go. The energy of uncovering the truth is on our side now.

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