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Schumann Resonance Spike Self-Care

All year so far I've been needing to spend a lot more time near the ocean and in it. So it's been interesting finding out that the Schumann Resonance has been (literally) off the charts, because there is a direct connection between the SR's effect on us and our innate need to keep ourselves in harmony with it (which sea air, salt water and nature time helps do).

We feel best when our frequency is in harmony with the frequency of the SR. Environmental pollutants (anything from dust and mould, to wifi and cell phones) have a jarring effect on our natural frequency, influencing our health and moods. The gap between our 'altered unnatural frequency' and our 'natural in harmony with the Earth and SR' frequency is already under stress especially where we spend a lot of time surrounded by technology and not enough time unplugged, surrounded by nature.

If the SR is amplified, as it is now, that gap becomes even bigger. Our best possible natural frequency is whatever Mother Earth's is, so if she has a big jump we need to jump too in order to feel at optimum health levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). We also may feel an increased need, as I have, to be surrounded by that which has a counter-balancing effect on unnatural frequencies/toxins. Namely - anything that releases healthy negative ions eg the salt water of the ocean, sea air, mountain/forest air, epsom salt baths, himalayan salt lamps, plants (in the bedroom if possible, and in the office if you work in one). All of these things recharge us and replenish us with vital oxygen and minerals, as well as enhancing our mood and uplifting our positive, happy hormones.

So to whatever degree you are feeling over-surrounded by technology, or overwhelmed with anxiety/heightened emotion/fatigue/depression, you can help tip your see-saw back to a greater state of balance by immersing in, and surrounding yourself by, those things mentioned above. Even find a tree, hold your nose to it and breathe in deeply or do the same with a plant.

Where we are not in balance with the Earth's frequency, the gap for some people will be very big and be quite challenging emotionally. However, where we can manage to be in harmony with her frequency, the high's we are reaching now are taking us to new heights be it emotionally, increased manifesting experiences, stronger intuition, cool synchronicities, clearer insight into things, sensing other dimensions, intense dreams and so on.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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