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The current Schumann Resonance spike and what it means for us

This is huge news! For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance has on average been pulsing at 7.83 Hz, but since 2014 there have been occasions where it has spiked upward, sometimes going as high as 16.5 Hz. Well - as of 31 January, it is spiking as high as 36+ !!! I just visited the Russian Space Observing System website to verify the info and sure enough there it is, higher today than yesterday or the day before. I haven't been able to find these graphs in many places, HeartMath Institute is good, but lots of websites that used to show the daily resonance graph are 'no longer found' (this has been the case for a while, not a result of recent US administration changes). If anyone has any other good sources please post a link in the comments section.

The Schumann Resonance measures the frequency of the electro-magnetic waves between the surface of the Earth and our ionosphere. We could describe this space as Earth’s energy field or aura. The Schumann Resonance is often referred to as Earth’s heartbeat rhythm. It is also said to respond to the alpha/theta levels of the human brain. We affect her field, and her field affects us.

While there is still a lot to learn about Earth's field and our relationship with the Schumann Resonance, the theory is that we feel most at peace and calm, most connected and clear, when we are in tune with her frequency. The waves around us that belong to wifi, television, radio, cell/mobile phones etc emit a different frequency that affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. Those waves can make us feel 'wired', and disconnected from our inner space of calm/truth. That's why we feel so good when we switch off and unplug, or go out in nature, or why we sleep so well when camping in an area that is 'off-grid'. It's not just that we have stepped away from information overload, we have stepped away from the energetic overload that comes from spending too much time surrounded by frequencies that are essentially jarring to our core/authentic/most natural frequency.


** We feel best when we are in tune with Earth's frequency, and if her frequency has jumped then we want to feel more mindful than ever that our vibration is as high as possible. Pay attention to your feelings, and to the thoughts that lead to those feelings. Get into the habit of thinking yourself into a high-vibe space. This does not mean sticking our heads in the sand re any issues be they personal or collective. Rather, be energetically effective with those issues for example "Thank you that my health is now perfect. Thank you that I was led to the right healing practitioners. Thank you that our country is now at peace. Thank you for guiding me to all the things that I can do to best contribute to that peace." As you can see, talking yourself into a high vibe space is not about living life as a passive bystander. It also asserts your openness to be a clear, powerful vessel for rightful, most productive, conscious action. Action that is heart-based, soul-guided and in alignment with our most natural/highest possible frequency.

** It is a good time to remind ourselves to switch off the wifi at night or when we are not using it. Try to sleep with your phone in another room. If you use it as your alarm, maybe put it just outside your bedroom on a high volume, just so it isn't right next to your head on the bedside table. Himalayan Salt Lamps and Plants are great things to have inside your home to help balance the effect of non-natural frequencies.

** Perhaps take a few minutes each morning and night to align yourself with Earth's frequency each day. Just close your eyes, and ask that your heartbeat be in alignment with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, that your frequency is in harmonious resonance with the frequency of Mother Earth.

So these are a few tips for now of how we can work best with whatever is going on here with the Schumann Resonance. The other thing that is VERY interesting is, if the SR is responding to our alpha/theta levels, then the 36 + spikes are as close to physical evidence as anything else that there is a mass shift occurring with the collective right now.

On the surface it may look like chaos, it may look like division and disagreements. But at the core, energetically, if someone was to look from above, they would see hundreds of millions of people rocking the boat, from all directions, on all sides. On a soul level, we are .all connected. On a soul level we are all playing our part. We are all doing what we came here to do to, in our unique ways. There's another good affirmation: Thank you that I am now doing what I came here to do, thank you that I do it in the best way possible, for the highest good of all. (As always, use the words that work for you).

Remember to affirm FOR, ask FOR what you want. If you don't like something, turn it around and stand FOR what you do want. This is Energy 101.

How are you all feeling? Share your thoughts below.

Update 8 Feb: The Schumann Resonance has been peaking for a week now. Here is a great article with lots of interesting links to follow regarding research being done to understand the connection between our level of consciousness and the SR

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