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Headline hooks

I'm noticing a lot more headlines right now that are proving to be misleading once you click through to read the whole article. There is enough going on right now without adding fuel to the fire. People's nervous systems are having a hard enough time processing the rapid changes going on without needing to be further triggered by inflammatory headings that bend or distort the truth/facts.

When you read a headline, if it triggers you take the time to read the article it links to. Even better, find original sources be it press conferences or documents. Yes that is supposed to be the media's job to find those sources and report them accurately, but we can't count on that process happening for many reasons. Being first in with the news has meant that there is less time for proper investigative reporting, not to mention reporters being told by editors who are told by powers further up what they can say and can't say.

In some cases you click and read and research and it all checks out. In many cases it doesn't. You'll feel your blood pressure coming down again when you release that the click-bait was just that - a hook being used to trigger an emotional reaction. It's funny it's called click-bait because going by comments that people post (underneath the links not the actual article), it looks like a lot of people don't click, they just respond to the heading. That's understandable. None of us have the time to read every article, but if we can't then we can at least be mindful that in a lot of cases the heading doesn't tell the whole story nor does a photo without the context.

We are in a time where we are being called to take on more personal responsibility for everything. The old system is collapsing and fast. That old system was one based on the idea that authorities were there to 'take care of it' - to govern us, inform us, educate us and so on. Part of the process of regaining our power and sovereignty as free souls is to own a greater degree of response-ability. It is like moving from the stage of child to teenager, and then teenager to adult. With regards to information that means taking the time to read things fully or watch something all the way through or finding the source document/video especially when a headline alone has you reaching for the upset face emoticons.

Truth = Power = Freedom

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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