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2017 Energy Report: Truth = Power = Freedom

Happy New Year everyone!

The 2017 Energy Report is out now offering a guide to the year ahead, as we take a look at how the current energies are playing out personally and collectively. At a mammoth 39 pages, including Soul prompts and exercises throughout, the report is available for only $1.99. Here's a sneak peek at the sections covered, with short excerpts:

The rapidly changing energy

...Some of the information we come across will be confronting, in conflict with previously held-beliefs or feel confusing. Eye-opening information will increase this year as more truths are revealed, resulting in more ‘push-back’ denials. The old world will continue to look like a warped reality show as the old power structure dismantles. Misinformation abounds as truth is mixed in with political agendas, personal opinions and fears. Our job is to use our inner discernment, our inner emotional radar, to ask ourselves: does this feel true or not? Something that sounds good on the surface may create a knot in your stomach, or have every bone in your body tell you: this is fishy. Likewise something that is really unbelievable to hear, something you desperately wish wasn’t true or that takes your mind out of its familiar boundaries regarding reality, may result in your body telling you: as uncomfortable as this is, it does feel true...

2016: The year of “Well that was unexpected..!”

...The events of 2016 were shocking because they tore into the fabric of the Western world, and the Western world prefers to run on a controlled, stable, predictable timeline without too many upsets. Our mainstream systems prefer a shiny veneer where the elite’s preferred candidate wins the US Election, entertainment reporters focus on who wore what best, and Kim Kardashian posts on Instagram ten times a day. We like our messes pushed firmly under the carpet and our world run covertly behind the scenes thank you very much. How else can we explain the bulging carpets now spilling out for all to see, or the global, unacceptable acts that have been allowed to continue for decades? Collectively we share a range of excuses from non-awareness, a sense of powerlessness, intimidation and fear. We have run out of time to keep indulging our excuses. We have to buckle up, feel the strength in our core, the fire in our souls and the light in our hearts. Together, we can make more of a difference to the world in one year, than has happened in the last twenty years...

The Jupiter/Uranus Opposition: Shocks, Heart-Openings, Harmony and Unity

...The Libra/Aries axis is about relationships and the connection between us. It is about the dynamic between I and You, about Me and We. It is about Us and Them, about ‘Our people’ and the Other. It asks us to work out how best to balance these dynamics and use them in a good way. On personal and collective levels it will challenge us to see how letting in You/Them can make a better I/Us. Likewise, it will trigger you to stand up for yourself a lot more if you tend to give in to others too much, and demand time for yourself if you are always at the beck and call of others. It will also help you to finally let go of connections that constantly make you feel less, not more, of your true self...

Renovation Central

...If you are looking around and thinking “Holy crap, everything is in absolute chaos”, that means we are on the right track. As we go up and up our spiral of evolution, things can’t remain hidden as they have been. I would be more concerned right now if things weren’t going crazy. If things were humming along as usual at this stage, that’s when it would be cause to freak out.

We have lived with things that have been going on behind the scenes for too long. While it looks like things are getting worse, it is more true to say that everything is now coming up to the surface for transformation or final conclusion. Everything that has been hidden is becoming more transparent and obvious...

Personal and Collective Numerology: The Global Year 1

...A Global Year 1 calls for a new global leadership. Despite what the current political climate may have us believe, this leadership won’t come from traditional sources. It will come from we the people stepping into our collective power. The old style of leadership will still try to exist within politics, media and other organisations but people just won’t tolerate it anymore or give it the same authority former generations have. A Year 1 calls for a changing of the guard. Over the next 9 years we will be seeing a power system that is less authority-led and more grassroots-based...

Year of the Red Fire Rooster: Waking us up to a new Dawn

...2017 will be a year where the Rooster’s ego will want to come out in a lot of people. The Rooster is never shy about making himself heard. The Red Fire energy means that behind everyone’s voice will be a lot of energy and passion which is great, but we need to keep ourselves in check to make sure that this energy and passion comes from the heart and isn’t just our ego wanting to be right. We want to take the time to listen to what other people have to say, and not bulldoze over other people’s messages and opinions in the process of getting ours across. Remember: unity and harmony are driving forces this year, and fighting against that current is likely to lead to unnecessary fights and emotional explosions...

The Political Game, the Elite Ring and our Awakening

...Our awakening is about us having a greater awareness of our truth and potential. It is about living life on this planet as free, empowered souls. We all have a right to evolve naturally. Where there are forces at work intentionally trying to stop that, and interfering with people’s free will and evolution, it is to our benefit to be aware of that. When we are aware of it, whether generally or more specifically if that information calls you, we can rise above it and help to change it in ways big and small. We are here to create the reality we came here to create and we will do it through our heart-based, soul-inspired actions...

The Bridgeworkers

...While the two worlds aren’t in two separate physical locations, the following analogy is helpful because it paints a good picture of the role of the bridge-workers. If you can imagine the old and new worlds as existing on two cliffs, with a bridge connecting the two, some of us spend time on the bridge, helping anyone who is ready to cross over to do so. Sometimes we take shifts. The bridge can be a challenging place to work depending whereabouts on it you are located, depending how high a vibrational space you are used to, and also depending how adept you have become at holding that high vibrational space no matter where you are. So sometimes we might prefer to hang out in the new world or recharge there, welcoming people, building new things, enjoying life, and having long or short breaks from the bridge. Some people are officially retired from bridge work and are permanently set up in the new world. Sometimes we thought we were retired but then get called back out again! Wherever we are, it is all perfect for our individual souls and for our role in the collective...

Fly High, Fly Under (Over) the Radar

...This will be a year unlike any other so far, so it is very important to have something that helps you self-soothe and centre when needed be it deep breathing, meditation, yoga, walking through nature, taking a bath, going to the beach, whatever works for you. Make self-care a priority. Connecting with your inner self and higher source is particularly important first thing in the morning before letting in the outside world. It is showtime. This is why we came here. To create a new chapter where we live with Truth, Power and Freedom to be who we really are...

These excerpts are only a small sample of what you receive.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

Have you read the report? Share your thoughts below!

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