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Uranus Direct

This week Uranus, planet of the unexpected, has been what's called 'stationary direct'. This is the time at the end of a retrograde period where a planet prepares for forward motion again.

A planet often has the biggest impact during these so called stationary periods. The planets aren't ever stationary at all, they are always moving, and technically are always moving forward. It just seems that they go backwards or stand still from our planet's perspective.

It's like if you are driving by a car. You can drive right alongside it but if you drive faster than it then that car can look like it is going backwards.

So in that moment where you are alongside each other, (even if the other object is very far away), in planet terms this is called the station period, and boom, it's like a magnetic force field exists in that moment between Earth and that planet.

So this is what we had going on this week with Uranus, and when the Uranus magnetic force field hits us, we can experience a lot more shocks than usual, huge events coming from left field. So that is one reason why this last week of the year is ending with one big cultural shock after another. Another reason is that Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus with Jupiter expanding the affect of everything. Jupiter also represents fame among other things.

I talk more about the affect of the Uranus/Jupiter opposition in my Bye 2016, Hello 2017 report which is almost done. I'm going away today for a couple of days so if I can't get it done by then it will be up as soon as possible in the New Year! It's 12 pages so far, get your cups of tea and coffee ready - or wine! (*Update: ended up being 39 pages! Available here)

Uranus goes direct today so hopefully the big shock events will ease up a bit for now helping us to have a calmer New Year.


(C) Dana Mrkich 2016

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