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Peace Meditation: A gift for you

The energy affecting us right now is massive, on every level. We have the usual end of year busyness, compounded by the end of a 9 year cycle urging us to complete certain soul business in preparation for a very new energy coming up next year. We have major shifting and freaking out going on within the highest echelons of power, and people are feeling a bunch of very intense emotions as a result. We have measurable energy waves all over the planet that have no known explanation....seismographs last week were acting like everywhere was having major earthquakes, which we weren't, yet some of us did feel that feeling of a tilt, that swaying you get when there is an earthquake. Today Dutchsinse is reporting that energy waves stronger than those he'd see in X2 class solar flares are all over the planet, solar flares. So something is up with Lady Earth. Everything I've mentioned here is a positive thing in that we are moving toward the transformation we all came here for, and things are starting to move at great speed now. That said, it's natural to feel some inner turbulence as you deal with your own response to the million things that are happening, not to mention be affected by how everyone else is feeling too. Finding a way to stay centred through all this is essential for your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing!

So: here is a little holiday free gift to you that I recorded today.....a very calming meditation for Inner & Outer Peace that will take you to a feeling of deep peace, and guide you to extending that out to the world. You can use it each morning to set your tone for the day, listen to it at night just before bed for a restful sleep, or have it as your go to when feeling stress, fear or anxiety. Headphones/earphones recommended for best experience.

Just hop into the audio store, find the Inner & Outer Peace Meditation, use coupon code PEACE1 and it is yours to download free! Enjoy and feel free to share this link with a friend if you'd like to pass the peace present on.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

How are you all feeling?

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