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Pluto & Mercury: you can't stop transformation that is due

Astrology never fails to amaze me. Today Mercury goes retrograde almost on Pluto, the day the US Electoral College cast their vote. I just found out that Congress formally count those votes on Jan 6, right as Mercury is preparing to go direct again. What does this mean?

During Mercury Retrogrades, you often can't move forward with something no matter how much you want to particularly when it comes to signing contracts, agreements or anything involving important communications. You might be waiting on a decision, but people won't give you a clear yes or no. So it can feel like a limbo land kind of time.

In truth, it's anything but limbo land because retrogrades are busy in their own unique way. It's a time of reviewing, revisiting, making sure everything is in order before getting the green light to move forward into the next chapter.

During this retrograde Mercury is temporarily moving away from Pluto who is all about deep transformation. The feeling with regards to the continuing election dramas, is that there is a group who are adamant they don't want to move forward to this particular transformation, and will kick and scream trying to stop it at all costs. But you can't run from Pluto, he is there waiting for us all, holding up his big Shadow mirror, demanding we SEE all there is to see, even that which we don't want to see, even that which is uncomfortable to see, because it is only through acknowledging and seeing the whole truth, that we can truly shift, truly shed what no longer serves us, and move forward in a much more free way. Any journey involving Pluto is never an easy one, but it is always a necessary one and ultimately, a life-changing one for the better because of what he gets us to see and face.

The US will get their green light on Jan 6, and by Jan 30, ten days after the expected inauguration date (very strange energy around that still), Mercury will have caught up to Pluto, marking a climactic moment related to transformation, and potentially indicating the exposure of things that have been kept hidden.

Pluto is all about the Shadow, those qualities we hold that we don't really want to acknowledge - and the US establishment is up to its eyeballs in being asked to look at its shadow right now. As is the way with anyone who doesn't much like looking at their Shadow, the resistance to this process is in hysterical over-drive led by a manic mainstream media and old guard politicians. With certain truths exposed, they have come out swinging in a finger-pointing fake news frenzy, so ironic when most people now know these guys are the fake news kings. We also have the "Russia did it!" accusations of election swaying, with Obama vowing to retaliate. Again, ironic when the US govt has interfered with foreign elections and overthrown democratically elected governments in countless foreign countries for decades.

It can't go on like this, the hypocrisy, the belief that everyone else should be accountable to a golden standard of rules - except the elite establishment who impose them and abuse them more than anyone!

It is time for a changing of the guard, and that doesn't mean changing from one political party to another. More on all that in the end of year report coming soon xx

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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