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End of 2015 Energy Summary: Where are we at?

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s a good time to touch base on where we are at exactly on this mammoth energetic and very physical ride that we are all on. I want to also acknowledge those who have their doubts, those who may feel, or have heard, that the whole ‘new age’ was a big distraction campaign complete with a ‘false light’ guiding us. There are some valid nuggets of truth concerning that particular perspective, and that’s important to address, yet let’s get clear so that we don’t throw a perfectly good shoe out the window just because of a few pebbles that have been wedged inside.

What with false flags to the right of us, and supposed false lights to the left of us, what is a person to believe anymore? Let’s take a moment to see what’s what, what truth we can sift out to take with us into 2016, and what we can leave behind in the garbage bin labelled ‘expired’.

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The year that was: Embodying more of who we are

This year has been a powerful one, in both the most subtle of ways and the most direct, in your face, kind of ways. In my 2015 Energy Report I described 2013-14 as transition years, and yes we still are in that transition. It takes a while to move an entire collective from one way of being to another. However when I look at those years and this one energetically, I see a big difference. 2013-14 appear to me visually as being ones where we were coming round a bend, not quite sure of what was up ahead. 2015 feels like we hit a stretch of open road, giving us a greater vantage point from which to see more of the truth be it global, social or personal.

It has been like being able to simultaneously see the puppet strings, the puppet-master, and the puppet’s response all at the same time. Whether it’s a personal issue or pattern, a family dynamic, something going on at work, news portrayed in the media or global events, you might have felt many times this year as if you were having an out of body experience. That is, you may resonate with feeling like you have been observing things much more, as opposed to being caught up in the story of it, and from that place of observation seeing things in a whole new light with greater clarity.

On one level you may have felt a sense of detachment from the drama of stories and situations, while on another level felt more connected than ever, more grounded and heart-centred than ever, to whatever has jumped out at you as being truly authentic, in alignment with your path, and important to your soul. This floating detachment/grounded connection can even happen simultaneously while talking to a person or hearing about an event or realising some inner insight. Detaching from the story of it. Connecting to the truth of it. Detaching from the dramatic emotion of it. Connecting to the heart-centred feeling of it.

It can thus at times feel as if you are two people, one floating above reality, the other firmly in it, perhaps more present here on Earth than you have ever felt before. A changing of the guard is happening within us. Before, we had this notion of our ‘higher self’ floating above us, separate to us, but now we are embodying this higher self. And yes, there will still always be a ‘higher vibrational self’ floating above us, because we are limitless, eternal beings, with endless levels of awareness and consciousness to open up to, and endless frequencies of vibration to shift up into. Yet, the ‘higher self’ of our few years ago, is who we actually are today.

The more we embody more and more of this higher consciousness part of us, the more we realise that this higher self is not separate to us, it is US. And what we are experiencing now is so special, because we are embodying, and able to consciously ‘house’ more and more of who we really are, right here, in this physical body, in this physical life, on this physical planet. So this higher awareness, now actually existing as our present conscious awareness, is what gives us this floaty, out of body, “I feel like I am observing everything” feeling. We are now our own higher selves looking out at life through our own physical eyes.

So we feel this new higher awareness, yet at the same time that part of US that is newly embodied is feeling the newness of being in the physical, and so you might be feeling a very new kind of connection to Earth and humanity, a deeper appreciation of it, a greater desire to get in there and really immerse in this physical experience. And this embodying process is not a static one time occurrence. We are now all going through it constantly, receiving constant adjustments and upgrades as we expand, receive more of who we are into us, expand, receive more of who we are into us. The floaty feeling increases, yet the ‘ooh I feel more grounded and connected to my body/Earth/humanity’ feeling also increases.

With this grounded, heart-centred higher awareness, authenticity and transparency are fast becoming non-negotiable in our lives. If we don’t feel like doing something and say yes, things will go pear-shaped in a way that is obvious to us, if not also to others. If our heart and soul is urging us to do something but we continually push those urges or our inner voice down, we’ll know about it in one way or other. Unhappiness of the soul can no longer be brushed aside with a ‘that’s just the way it is.’ Our souls are in da house now, and saying loud and clear to us: “You are not here to be unhappy. You are here to do what lights you up, and in doing so you will help to light up others and add your light to the world in all sorts of joyful, creative ways and that is how we are going to create a new reality down here. Let’s get on it!”


What is happening on a personal level cannot help but unfold on the global, collective level because at the end of the day, that collective is made up of individual people, with every single one being affected by the higher frequency energy now present on the planet. This does not mean that we are seeing peace, love and joy everywhere we look. High frequency energy equates to higher consciousness, which increases awareness and clears anything not in alignment. You can’t get from the dense state of affairs we’ve been living with, to collective peace, love and joy in one vibrational leap. There is a transition time, one in which there is a tremendous amount of out with the old, in with the new re-shuffling.

What happens when you lift up the rug when you are doing a big clean? Yep, there is a lot of dust and crap under there that you have to sweep out. Do you say: “Oh no, there is so much dust and crap! This house is a disaster, there is no saving it!” Or do you say: “Oh thank God I lifted this rug, look at all this under there! Let’s sweep this out right now, and let’s ditch the rug entirely, and wow look, shiny, new wooden floorboards. It looks like a completely different house now!”

On a collective level, we are seeing more and more of all the dust and crap that has existed for decades, and obviously even further back than that. Only years ago the very notion of global elite paedophile rings was scoffed at by those who ridiculed the crazy conspiracy circles. Those rings are now being exposed. Names are being named, and what we have seen so far is just a drop in a big muddy river that runs across the entire planet encompassing every institution that has held itself up as a trusted source of authority: politics, the church, law courts, media, schools.

As the murky foundation of it all is revealed brick by brick, entire buildings representing the old world - the very structure of our society - cannot help but collapse. I’m sure that there are those at the top of those structures who are betting on us being so easily distracted and diverted that this nuisance of truth-revealing will eventually blow over, but the momentum is too strong now. We didn’t come here to watch reality shows, we came here to create a new reality and this we will do.