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Pink flowers!

Pink Flowers - original post below - was one of the most read posts of this year. It was about the magical instant manifesting that is possible when there's no attachment to the "how". If we could approach everything with the same fun, light-hearted spirit that was behind my joyful thought: "I would love someone to give me a bunch of pink flowers today", what good things could we be letting in?

What would you love to have happen this week? Pick something that you don't have a whole lot of emotional baggage around. Look at this as an experiment that letting something in can happen in a magical and unexpected way. Once you do it with something fun and light, you realise okay, this is possible, so what else is possible?

Think of something now! Please come back and comment below if it works, or if you have an amazing magical manifesting story to share.

From the blog archives of Jan 2015, one of the most popular posts ever, Pink Flowers:

So today I was at the shop and passed a florist. The colourful bunches of flowers really jumped out at me, especially the pink bunch. I had a feeling I wanted to see what I could manifest and thought to myself "I would really love the experience of someone buying me a bunch of flowers today." I had no attachment to this happening, no agenda as to who or how (Christian god love him doesn't come home with random flowers), and pretty much forgot about it straight away. I did have a genuine appreciation for how the pink flowers looked and felt. Well guess what Christian came home with today!!!!!!!!

I guess I can't say he doesn't come home with random flowers anymore! Whether it's manifesting, telepathy or a psychic nudge on his part, this is how the higher vibrations work....clearly and quickly! Especially when there is no resistance, attachment, agenda etc. Now, that million dollars would be lovely to receive right now too! Share your manifesting and synchronicity stories here! (c) Dana Mrkich 2015


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