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Cocoon time

Jax's kindy project! It's been so cool watching the silkworms plumpen up, and now they are forming their golden cocoons! I'm sure a lot of you can relate to feeling like you've been in a cocoon in between "who I was" and "who I'm becoming", in between an old chapter and new, in between relationships ending and hearts healing, career paths changing, beliefs shifting. Only the world doesn't see our golden cocoon, and in most ways we have to keep on trucking through the cocoon process getting on with paying bills, making dinner, looking after the kids etc. Wouldn't it be great if we could from time to time hold up a yellow card that meant: "I'm in my golden cocoon, get back to me when I'm out!" Where do you need to hold up your yellow card to allow yourself some cocoon time? It might mean just acknowledging to yourself, a good friend or your partner: I'm in the middle of some sort of transformation. I'm not sure where it's leading but I'm no longer able to be/do/function as I used to. During cocoon phases everyone needs different types of support. Some need to be heard, others held. Some need time out, others are in ideas central and have a huge creativity spurt that they need to get out. It can be all these things. Unsupported, our cocoon breakthroughs stall in breakdowns, and so it is vitally important that our cocoon processes are nurtured and respected not pushed away. This doesn't mean it's easy to hold that yellow card up. But it is important to ask yourself what that yellow card represents to you. What is it that you need? It makes it a lot easier then for people to give you the support you need, and for you to receive it.


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