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Transformation triggers on over-drive

Solar flares? Nope. Huge astrological alignments? Not really. Crazy, mega intense, huge, fast and furious energies around this week? Yes indeedy!!! Heart palpitations, adrenalin racing, unexpected happenings and conversations coming out of left-field, feeling like a Mack truck is slamming into us repeatedly, albeit the "I'm doing this for your own good" kind, and wondering how on Earth it is only Tuesday night when it feels like SO much has changed since Monday morning? You are not alone.

I don't have any answers as to where this energy is coming from. It's not quite the usual 'Wave: Incoming!" feeling I get. You have to wonder if someone over at HAARP got a little trigger happy: "What would happen if I push this button on High??" Whatever the Source, the good news is that the energy feels to be abating significantly now. The other good news is, as uncomfortable as these past couple of days may have been for some of us, they have been some of THE most powerful days I can remember in terms of positive shifts and leaps forward. Personally, the past couple of days have felt like I've constantly been squeezed out of my comfort zone in numerous areas, but as a result of that squeeze, have emerged out the other side with massive new awarenesses and a feeling that some huge expansion is now possible if not occurring already. It is like doors have been pushed out from being regular size to being one of those french-style foldout ones that you push out like a concertina, resulting in an 'outside feels like it is inside' effect. More space. More room. It was a quick renovation that surpassed any home blitz reality show in terms of turnaround time, triggered quite the anxiety flares, but here we are with our cup of tea thinking 'well I can see how this view is much nicer." And if not nicer, at the least, clearer. From deep emotional shifts to breaking through overwhelm about a technical or other issue and finally getting someone in to help, to major productivity combined with putting into practice long over-due nudges be it for more rest or new nurturing practices, this week has had us moving at breakneck speed, clearing stuff faster than we can even consciously process it, and just as quickly and definitely as importantly urging us to EMBODY these new energies. Yes this could easily describe the past few years, but the last two days, hmmmm, the Transformation Triggers have been on overdrive! How are you all feeling?


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