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Lessons about living from dying

It's 29 years today since my grandfather passed. Strong as an ox he survived six heart attacks, only to have a truck accident one evening and that was that. It was so sudden, so unexpected, and no chance to say bye (which took my mum almost the rest of her life to make peace with). I remember so clearly realising that we never know when our life could be over, or that of someone we love. This realisation affected me in so many ways: - Tell those you love how you feel about them, and tell them often

- Try not to leave anything unsaid where you feel deep down you really want to say something. - We all have our argumentative moments with loved ones, we all lead busy lives, but a quick hug and an "I love you" before they or you drive off for the day is always a good thing - Do what you love. Life is not a dress rehearsal. No-one is guaranteed anything in terms of life expectancy. It drives me nuts when people say "I'll do that when I retire." We know so many people who passed unexpectedly over the last few years who were 20, 30, 40 years old. If there is something your heart really wants to do, find a way to do it. Be happy now. Love your life now. So many people live unhappy lives in unhappy careers in unhappy relationships, with an idea that they'll get to be happy at 60 or 70, but as Abraham Hicks say "You can't get to a happy destination after an unhappy journey." Choose happy now. Find happy now. Discussion on this point is most welcome. Everyone reading this has been affected by someone's passing. What did you learn from their physical death that taught you something about life and living?

Please share here. x


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