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"The human spirit is an amazing thing. It has an inner spark and no matter what, it seems to have this innate desire urging it to strive upward.


Like a plant it wants to grow, with a natural inclination to head towards the light. No matter how much you try to repress this inbuilt inner knowing, it will always find a way to growth, to light and to truth.


There is only so long you can keep this from happening."


A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich




Are you ready to let go of old wounds and issues that are stopping you from letting love in?


Are you ready to step into a whole new level of self-worth, self-love and self-awareness, knowing what you truly want, need and deserve?

We often repeat patterns over and over again, that have their origins in our childhood, ancestral memories and even past lives.  Discover the primary beliefs you are still carrying that are now seeking closure and transformation. 

During Let Love In, we will have a look at your past – in order to receive the messages of our old stories fully, and move forward having integrated them in a healthy way.


Let Love In Online Course



In my experience, nothing is impossible and anything is possible.


When you jump in the direction of your dreams the Universe will more than meet you halfway. The only thing stopping most people is the fear of the fall.


The Universe won’t let you fall. You may go through challenging times, I definitely have. You may get tested. Yet, somehow someway, you will always be okay and looking back you will be so glad you jumped.

- Week 7, Follow your Dreams


Create a Life you Love Online Course


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