August 10, 2020

On Friday I was part of a round table “Aussie Women United for Truth” hosted and facilitated by Medyhne Lebachen 🙏🏽

❤️ We all shared our perspectives about what is going on right now, along with tips on navigating the many narratives in front of us.

✨ Several of the la...

August 4, 2020

😁 Yesterday I was walking out of a store, and as I was walking out a lady was walking in. I did my usual instinctual smile that you do as you pass by another person in and out of a door.

😷 It was only a millisecond later that I registered she was wearing a mask, (we a...

August 3, 2020

✊🏽 Hold steady

✨ Stay in your centre

👁 We did not come to Earth at this time to create a divided humanity ruled by overlords
Quite the opposite

🌈 We came here to reclaim humanity’s natural way of being: freedom, unity, peace, love

❤️ No this isn’t airy fairy idealistic...

July 30, 2020

 Pic: Operation Underground Railroad

July 30 is a day to raise awareness about Human Trafficking, the “fastest growing form of international crime”

🌺 Trafficking in persons is now the THIRD most profitable business for organized crime, behind drugs and arms.

🌺 600,000 t...

July 30, 2020


✨ Why is there so much media & social media hysteria about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a potential treatment for Covid, and NO media hysteria at all about any other medication? Allopathic medicine (modern medicine) and medical error is the 3rd leading cause o...

July 28, 2020

✨ In times of crisis and confusion, asking questions is one of the ways we try to find clarity.

Since March we’ve seen millions of people questioning things like never before... and in response we’ve also seen a serious social media and mainstream media crackdown on any...

July 27, 2020

I remember my midwife saying to me that midwives always know when a woman has entered the final phase of labour, because it's when she starts saying "I can't do this anymore. I'm done. Just leave the baby in there. I can't do it." The midwives know: it's time to push,...

July 3, 2020

✨ Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested.

✨ The Schumann Resonance is lit up

✨ The 4 July Lunar Eclipse (5 July in Australia) is opposing the United States’ Sun. This suggests a closing out of a chapter, an identity shift, a change in the very nature and essence of the...

June 24, 2020

The "6th world" has been prophesied by all indigenous cultures to be one of peace and harmony. One where we reconnect to the Earth as a living planet, treat her with respect, remember our true natures, and live as conscious, awake, aware communities.

As with every hom...

June 6, 2020

The Lunar Eclipse today, 15 deg Sag, is making a square to Mars in Pisces. It’s also opposite Venus, who is mid-retrograde. What does this mean?

Try to keep a cool head. Emotions are always intensified during a full moon and times that by 100 for a Lunar Eclipse full mo...

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"The human spirit is an amazing thing. It has an inner spark and no matter what, it seems to have this innate desire urging it to strive upward.


Like a plant it wants to grow, with a natural inclination to head towards the light. No matter how much you try to repress this inbuilt inner knowing, it will always find a way to growth, to light and to truth.


There is only so long you can keep this from happening."


A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich




Are you ready to let go of old wounds and issues that are stopping you from letting love in?


Are you ready to step into a whole new level of self-worth, self-love and self-awareness, knowing what you truly want, need and deserve?

We often repeat patterns over and over again, that have their origins in our childhood, ancestral memories and even past lives.  Discover the primary beliefs you are still carrying that are now seeking closure and transformation. 

During Let Love In, we will have a look at your past – in order to receive the messages of our old stories fully, and move forward having integrated them in a healthy way.


Let Love In Online Course



In my experience, nothing is impossible and anything is possible.


When you jump in the direction of your dreams the Universe will more than meet you halfway. The only thing stopping most people is the fear of the fall.


The Universe won’t let you fall. You may go through challenging times, I definitely have. You may get tested. Yet, somehow someway, you will always be okay and looking back you will be so glad you jumped.

- Week 7, Follow your Dreams


Create a Life you Love Online Course


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