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"Nurturing yourself is a way of giving to yourself. Giving to yourself is one of the best ways to learn to receive, which in turn is a way of acknowledging your worth – very much a healthy feminine quality, and very much something everybody could use a healthy dose of.


Allowing ourselves to receive sounds easy enough, but in practice many of us struggle with it."


A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich



Do you want to let go of repeating old patterns that are stopping you from having the love life you want and deserve?


It is time to be seen! Let Love In will help you to emerge from your hiding zones, conscious and subconscious, opening you up to experience a deeper level of physical and emotional intimacy with a beloved.

Intimacy = Into Me See.

Shine a torch on your true self, and reach a new level of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love – key qualities that will make you feel safe to let someone special in.


Let Love In Online Course



Our inner child, just like any little child, will make themselves heard one way or another.


Until we have re-connected to that part of us that is still two or four or six years old, life will continually provide opportunities to heal our inner child.


We play out roles learned and situations experienced in childhood over and over again.


When we catch ourselves repeating a pattern, on some level we are trying to change the ending.

- Week 6, Feel your Feelings


Create a Life you Love Online Course


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