March 28, 2019

It was so good to sit down with Cristiana Fernandes, owner of Spaces + Senses for our first She Fire guest interview! It's been 10 years since my last radio show and I forgot how much I love getting other people's knowledge and wisdom out into the world! There are so m...

May 16, 2017

 (pic from link supplied)

Wow! Just read this on @newscomauhq:

"In his new documentary series War On Waste, Craig Reucassel reveals that up to 40 per cent of bananas are thrown away by farmers because they don’t fit standards set by supermarkets. Basically they are too b...

May 10, 2017

This image is creating a lot of hubub with people saying the Schumann Resonance has hit 120hz (it's usually 7.8hz, had some spikes in 2014 to 16hz, went to 39hz in Feb this year and was allegedly 90hz on Easter Sunday). While I knew my solar flares inside out and back...

February 8, 2017

All year so far I've been needing to spend a lot more time near the ocean and in it. So it's been interesting finding out that the Schumann Resonance has been (literally) off the charts, because there is a direct connection between the SR's effect on us and our innate...

February 4, 2017

This is huge news! For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance has on average been pulsing at 7.83 Hz, but since 2014 there have been occasions where it has spiked upward, sometimes going as high as 16.5 Hz. Well - as of 31 January, it is spiking as high as 36+ !!! I...

December 8, 2016

Hi peeps, how are you all feeling? Last night Sydney had a massive lightning storm that felt like we were literally inside the thunder and surrounded by lightning. There was a moment when I felt the Earth tilt a little. It's hard to describe, kind of like oh God is the...

February 17, 2016



Over the last 5 days the Sun has released a very strong solar flare every day bar yesterday. Everyone will experience this differently. You might feel energised by it, with lots of adrenaline pumping for no obvious reason. You might feel increased anxiety, irritabili...

August 28, 2015



 The Phoenix Earthship @ Earthship Headquarters, Taos, New Mexico


* This is the full version of an abbreviated article published in Green Lifestyle


Imagine living in a home where you don’t have to pay another electricity or water bill ever again, enjoy a comfortable...

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"We are the leaders and members of new, more enlightened forms of government. We are the caretakers of a highly valued environment.


We are the producers and viewers of empowering, truthful media. We are the guardians who ensure fair distribution of planetary and financial resources.


We are the developers of creative education, accessible natural healthcare, natural nutritious foods, sustainable development, and housing that uses renewable natural resources.


We are one humanity, and we make sure all members of our global family are taken care of."


A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich




What would it feel like to surrender to complete trust with your love life?


Do you trust that you will find your right partner?  Do you trust that the Universe has a divine plan – and you just need to follow the signs leading the way?

Do you trust yourself to recognise him or her when they do show up – and let them in physically and emotionally? Do you trust yourself enough to know when he or she is not the right one for you?

Let Love In will address all of these areas, opening you to a new level of confidence and freedom as you learn to say no to that which is no longer right for you – and yes to the one that is.


Let Love In Online Course




Our magical living experiences gave us the confidence to keep travelling and keep heading to where we were being guided to go.


We had visualised spending several months in South & Central America and Mexico. So just before Christmas, 6 months into our trip, off we went with a one way LA-Chile ticket and only a couple of hundred dollars left in our bank account!


This sounds like madness, but we had just had our “BELIEVE” experience and accompanying financial miracle occur, so that gave us the courage to surge forward.

- Week 2, Vision your Life


Create a Life you Love Online Course


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