November 28, 2018

With A LOT happening in the world these days, it's more important than ever to take care of your emotional state:

What is your emotional diet? What are you swallowing on a regular basis? How is your environment affecting you emotionally - from the room you wake up in, t...

December 18, 2015

 Pic by Jelena Mrkich



Serves 1. Makes 9 small pancakes


1 egg

1 egg white 

1/2 banana

1 large handful baby spinach

1 tbsp psyllium husks



  • Blend all ingredients until spinach is well broken down. 

  • Warm a non-stick fry pan on medium heat. Add 1tsp coc...

November 22, 2015



As I sat down to write this, I really thought I would be sharing a recipe with you. There's so many delicious things to peel, prepare, measure up, spoon in, dollop, dash in, splash in, mix, stir, combine, bake with and cook. 


To eat and enjoy. Especially that.



November 19, 2015



One of the things I love to do is to get in the kitchen and create nutritious and delicious concoctions to share with my loved ones. Here's one of my recipes for bliss that I'd love to share with you!

Lelicious Raw Cacao and Coconut Bliss Balls

Makes approximately...

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"Natural shifts in our energy are natural parts of a busy life, and a major part of our awakening process.


They can be telling us something about our own feelings and choices, that our body needs rest or there is a health or emotional issue we need to be aware of."


A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich




Do you want to be with someone with whom you feel connected on all levels: body, mind, heart and soul?


As conscious, awake beings we are becoming more whole within ourselves.

A healthy, true-love mate is not there to ‘complete you’, but to support and encourage you as you expand into your best possible self and path – while you do the same for them.
Find out why the nature of relationships are evolving now, how you can transform your dynamic with your current partner, or invite in a new relationship based on a foundation of authenticity, wholeness, and true connection.


Let Love In Online Course




What do you feel your body, mind and soul need to feel more nurtured and nourished?


More ‘me’ time or more ‘couple’ time? A bubble bath or massage? A pay rise or holiday? Healthier food or a wardrobe overhaul?


Life will always give you what you need: but you have to ask for it in order for the energy of it to start flowing to you.

- Week 6, Feel your Feelings


Create a Life you Love Online Course


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