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"Living with a greater awareness of our true self doesn’t mean our life will suddenly become smooth and hassle-free.


On the contrary, if we have been living a life not in alignment with the true path of our soul then temporary chaos may reign as jobs, relationships and lifestyles change or leave our life to make way for experiences that are more in alignment with our truth.


We will still feel challenging emotions − probably more than usual at first if our pattern has been to repress our true feelings. However, with a new perspective we will see that feeling is a natural part of being. Pain and joy are both valid expressions of our journey and like all feelings always have gifts or messages for us."


A New Chapter, Dana Mrkich




Do you often find yourself wanting one thing but experiencing another in your love relationships?


Communication is key. When we don’t express our thoughts, feelings, needs, fears and dreams to our partner, they essentially are being expected to be mind-readers. We find ourselves having regular emotional outbursts, or keep it all in affecting our health, happiness and wellbeing.

Honest, clear communication with your partner, requires an honest, clear connection with your own self. 

During the 28 steps of Let Love In, you will increase this connection, opening the door for a closer connection with your love.


Let Love In Online Course




A wise man once said something to me that made a powerful impact on my life.


He said “Your authentic self is the part of you going with the flow of who you really are. Your Ego is the part of you going against this flow, resisting with fear, doubt and worry. They are constantly in a tug-o-war. One day you have to make a choice: to whom do I make my allegiance?”

- Week 5, Get back in your driver seat


Create a Life you Love Online Course


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