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Saturn: Re-set and Rebuild

If you're feeling like 2019 has you pressing the re-set button, or like you're re-experiencing things from a couple of years ago but this time in a different way, read on!

All this year Saturn will be going over the degrees that Pluto was travelling over from 2015-2018. (Saturn will go over those degrees three times in fact!) So whatever Pluto was demolishing, healing and transforming during that time, Saturn is now coming along to help you rebuild - this time on a stronger, wiser foundation. Rebirth is part of the overall Pluto package anyway, but Saturn is helping to give that rebirth some structure and solid ground.

Saturn is also the planet of Karma, so if you've been planting some good seeds for years you could receive some bountiful rewards (especially related to those parts of life that were being affected by Pluto for the last few years). For anyone who has been planting not good seeds, this is a year when justice will be served where justice is due, and lessons learned where we need to take responsibility and grow up.

* Where do you need to claim your authority?

* Where do you need to take responsibility, put on your adult pants and do what needs doing in a practical, grounded way?

* If you want support, clarity or guidance as you

shift the old, understand the now and move into the new,

I have 2 spots left in Feb, and 6 in March.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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