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Letting go of control

Hi lovely peeps how are you all doing?

It's interesting that right now we are in the middle of a New Moon in Virgo (who likes things nice and orderly), and Spring/Fall Equinox (all about balance), but in actual fact life for A LOT of people at the moment, well all year to be honest, it's felt totally the opposite!

I was doing my She Fire Facebook Live Today (I know I haven't done one on my regular page in a few weeks, and I will get to one again soon, just having to catch up with myself in this very busy period!) and the connection kept dropping out. Hilariously I was talking about how we can't control anything these days: electronics, energy, events, emotions, SO MUCH is happening to so many ALL at once. Even if you are floating along totally fine, it's almost impossible not to know people in your circle who are going through dramatic situations and changes.

While we can't control what's happening on the outside, we can control our inner environment - eventually. What I mean by eventually is, we're human. Shit happens and you find yourself having a meltdown or crying or getting upset. But once that initial rush of emotion has gone through you, you do have the power to take a breath, exhale, and find your place of stillness. From that place of stillness you can see a lot clearer, and calm the emotions that have been swirling up in you. You can take the time to ask yourself: okay, what is really going on here?

When we don't feel a sense of control or true power on the inside, we tend to try to control and have power over people and situations on the outside. We are seeing this currently on multiple levels with controlling laws being put in place, human rights being 'voted on' as if we have any right to dictate the freedom of another human being and world leaders playing push and shove. Regardless of what is going on 'out there', YOU can choose how to feel, how to think, how to act and how to treat people.

Despite the many intense goings on, or rather because of, there are deep healings occurring as we connect more deeply with those we love, as communities band together, and as we work out what is important to us. Even though things look quite chaotic, there IS a balancing process occurring.

How are you going? <3 x

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