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Solar Flare Week!

The Sun is flaring like crazy this week!

Mon - 7 M Class flares Tues - 5 M Class flares Wed - 3 M Class + 2 X Class flares Thurs - 4 M Class + 1 X Class flare

Fri - 4 M Class so far

What does this mean? M Class flares are very strong and don't come along very often. During a Solar Minimum period like we're in now, we can go months without one. X Class are Super strong and come along even less frequently. In fact, we haven't had a single X flare in 2 and a half years! So as you can see, this week is pretty extraordinary!

Strong flares have an effect on our electro-magnetic fields which for people means anything from feeling heightened emotions to adrenalin pumping, feeling super energised, or super tired. Some people get headaches or feel jittery or anxious.

For tv/radio/cell phone/wifi frequencies, it means things can go a bit haywire, and even cause blackouts and server outages. We had Mercury going direct during this week, so that only amplified the Communications focus, and the Full Moon already heightening emotions.

Strong flares also influence weather patterns. That isn't necessarily to say that the flares are responsible for the unusually strong Hurricane Irma or the Mexican earthquake. Those could be Mama Earth being Mama Earth, they could be Solar flare influenced, they could be a result of man-made energy technology interference. The positive thing about Solar Flares are, they send any interference plans amock. To date, humans haven't worked out how to control the Sun (thankfully).

It's important to stay hydrated so remember to drink lots of water during the day. Immersing in salt water is great if you can get into a body of water or bath. It's very helpful to ground your energy in some way, so for you that might mean spending less time on screens or social media, and spending some time outdoors. Do things that focus your body, mind and energy into whatever feels good, nourishing and nurturing to you.

SHE FIRE launched this week so I'm loving the flares! We're in the Orientation period right now, with Week 1 content starting Monday so there is still a little window left to register!!

If you are ready to reconnect with your Feminine Fire, Flow, Power and Ancient Cellular Wisdom, get on it!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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