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Cap Full Moon intensity

There's a Full Moon in Cap (17 deg) this Sunday 9 July, and you're likely already feeling it. Jax was born on a Full Moon. For his first couple of years we'd always know a Full Moon was coming because 2 days before like clockwork he'd have a very definite emotional shift. He'd either not want to sleep, or sleep more than usual, or cry more or be irritable or be like an energizer bunny hypo version of himself. Most of the time I completely forgot it was Full Moon related until I either looked at the sky or my calendar or one of my sisters said something and I thought aha!

That's why it's so helpful to know about astro events. They're influencing us whether we realise it or not, believe in astrology or not. The tide goes in and out with the moon's new and full moon phases, and likewise our emotions are triggered by planetary movements. Knowing about what the planets are doing helps because, just like me with Jax, it helps make sense of behaviour or feelings that seem to come out of nowhere.

So what can we expect from this Full Moon? Well, if you haven't already you might like to start doing some deep breathing before you say or do anything you'll regret. You may be feeling strong emotions start to bubble up, or spill over! Anxiety can be heightened. There's quite the palpable feeling of electricity in the air, which can leave you feeling frazzled or buzzing. This Full Moon is a degree away from Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun and Mars are opposing them in Cancer. Mars isn't crazy close, but in this case we're definitely feeling his energy. Here's what all that means:

Full Moons amplify emotions and often bring things to a head. Astrological events don't create issues that aren't already within you or around you somewhere. They bring things to the surface or to your attention so that they can be addressed, ideally in a healthy, positive way (that's where knowing these triggers are happening comes in handy!). They give you a nudge to explore opportunities or get out of your comfort zone or express your needs.

Hiding under a doona/duvet until the astro trigger has passed might feel good - and hey, if you can do that go for it! - but ideally if you are getting hugely emotionally triggered it's to your benefit to ask yourself: Hmmm what's really going on here? Why am I so upset? Is there anything I'm not expressing? Do I have needs that are not being met or desires that are not being fulfilled? Is there something in me or in my life needing healing, closure, transformation or release?

This Full Moon is in practical, ambitious Capricorn, squaring Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter is all about expansion and abundance, and a square can make things feel a bit tense. There might be some goals/dreams you are really wanting to move into right now, but you're feeling like you're trying to move a big ship through a narrow canal with tight bends and curves every few metres. The Full Moon brings your emotions to a climactic moment, so you could feel like you are about to explode, implode, scream or give up! Don't give up! This is a time to step away, take some deep breaths, do some yoga, go to a workout class, get out in nature, have a dip in the ocean, bake some cookies, anything to clear your head which is momentarily being filled by rising extreme emotions. If you've reached a climax with some intense situation, things will look and feel a lot clearer on Monday. Rather than prematurely blow up at your partner, boss, family member or colleague close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out, and say to yourself: "This situation is now resolved, show me how."

The Full Moon is pretty much right on Pluto. Pluto is all about deep, deep transformation. He's about diving in to our shadow and seeing what we'd usually rather avoid or confronting what we have a hard time owning about ourselves (both the good qualities and the not so good). Where do we hide when we need to be seen? Where do we stay quiet when we need to speak up? Pluto asks us to look at how Power and Control are manifesting in our lives. Do we feel in our power, or not? Do we try to control what is out of our control? What defines the line, for us personally, between knowing what we have power over, and what we don't? Where is it appropriate to push and claim what you want, and where is it appropriate to let go, surrender and trust your Soul to direct the show in ways you may not currently understand? Pluto helps us get clear on these lines, although we usually go through quite a bit of push/pull/resistance before we get to the clear part!

Pluto will ruthlessly cull anything we have outgrown, and demolish whatever no longer serves us. Pluto flies the flag for getting you onto your highest evolutionary path, and he tends not to do it in a fluffy, gentle way. If Pluto is aspecting a significant point or planet in your chart you may feel like you are going through some sort of rebirth, which can be painful when we resist wherever Pluto is wanting to take us, and liberating when we surrender to the flow of where Pluto (or rather our Soul with the nudging of Pluto) wants us to go. With this Full Moon right on Pluto, more people than usual will feel his energy and so be aware of the fact that this weekend can trigger a short yet intense dark night of the soul for some folks around you, or for you. Nurture yourself, take care of yourself and if you can, extend some nurturing to anyone in your circle who is going through a hard time.

So this Full Moon on Pluto as you can see is full on enough, but Mr Mars is opposing it, so he's adding fuel to the flames. With Mars people always talk about anger, and yeh he can bring up anger which with Pluto's influence can easily turn into rage. But Mars is also about physical energy and action. You will feel compelled to DO something about whatever is playing out in the Full Moon/Pluto arena, but because that arena is already super emotional, to add emotional votality to the mix is not recommended! As written above, if you can ride things out until Monday without losing your cool or your mind, and divert your attention to calmer pursuits, things will ease up. If calmer pursuits aren't going to do it for you, then get physical in a healthy way, anything to release all the energy that is wanting to move through you right now.

You'll be in a much better emotional space from early next week onwards to deal with whatever needs dealing with. If bridges are burned this weekend, due to you or someone having an emotional explosion, it will be one of those 'fire for the purpose of purification' moments. Personal or professional relationships that are meant to move forward together after that purification moment will move forward in a much healthier way having finally addressed the crap, or those that aren't meant to move forward will be released, for the good of all parties involved.

So there you have it. A big Full Moon weekend for sure.

Suggested prayer:

Thank you for this transformation. Thank you for helping me release all that no longer serves. Thank you for helping me to open to all that I am now ready for! Aho/Amen.


(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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