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Cancer New Moon

This weekend we're in the nurturing darkness of Cancer's New Moon. The energy it brings is very timely seeing as we're also still in the post-Solstice influence of going within, and expanding out.

This New Moon asks us to feel into where we need to take rest, retreat, and go within for some emotional stillness and nourishment.

It also asks us to feel into where we might be hiding in a protective shell. Has that shell become a comfort zone? What fears come up at the thought of venturing out, putting yourself out there or moving into your next level of being?

Life has to be like breathing, inhaling and exhaling, alternating between rest and movement, retreat and action. Too much of either can leave us exhausted or stagnant, different sides of the same coin.

This month check into how you're doing with both the inhale and exhale. Remind yourself to rest when there's too much go go go and likewise give yourself a pep talk and get moving when there's been too much holding back.

Pic credit to Jelena Mrkich taken at Jax's Kindergarten Solstice Spiral Walk. It was so beautiful!!

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