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Intense events and emotions

I'd like to dedicate today's post to the many people right now who are dealing with multiple tragic events one after the other, and ways we can be of support. Some of these events are very public, some private. Some might be affecting you or your family personally, while others are affecting your community, city or country in what seems like, and is, a relentless wave of intense happenings.

Trauma, shock, sadness, anger and grief are heavy emotions for any one person. When tens of thousands of people are directly affected by numerous events, and all those people are feeling intense emotions, the ripple effect is felt by millions of people. When those ripples touch us, that is our opportunity to send something good back in whatever way we can.

Whether it's helping with something tangible like food, clothes or money, or helping by offering your time or skills or a hug, whether it's helping by imagining a current issue or event or location and sending some prayers their way, it all adds up, it all adds to the positive contribution we can make during a time when we otherwise might feel overwhelmed by everything that's going on.

Compassionate action (be it a physical action or a heartful prayer), as well as helping others, also moves energy through your body instead of getting stuck there. (E-motion/Energy in motion). That said, there is opportunity even when emotions get stuck (when you hold onto them for too long) because more often than not it triggers some other long-lost emotion inside you that is overdue for release.

Intense events and emotions can remind us of our connection to others, give us a tap on the shoulder related to what we are here to do, show us how we can be of greater service, bring up memories that lead to big healing moments. And as a friend said yesterday, this year is one of healing. Yes it is a year of shake-ups, but on a deeper level, a mass healing process is underway opening us up to deeper levels of love and connection - and release wherever that depth isn't possible or in harmony with our highest path.

Be aware of what you are feeling these days. There is power in feeling your feelings, yet also we have to remember to breathe it out of our bodies and give it healthy release. Be mindful of the energy you are sending out into the world, and if/when you have the strength, make positive contributions however you can including to yourself.

Lots of love to everyone going through a hard time right now.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2017

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