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She Fire and Men

Here's a question that's been sitting with me ever since I started writing my She Fire course. I haven't come to an answer, I'm not sure there is one as everyone's different but - men and women - I'd really like your thoughts. Whenever we come across circles or workshops related to Divine Feminine they are always geared toward women. Yet men have the Divine Feminine in them too, and also need support with her qualities. With regards to She, the Feminine force of creation, men are often excluded from that conversation, or aren't really interested, yet it's been "normal" in our society for women to follow/worship a masculine God or a masculine aspect of the Divine. Church for example isn't considered a men's circle, although most are led by men. After thousands of years of patriarchal suppression, it makes sense that it'll take some time for men to re-connect with the Divine Feminine and it makes sense that with the outer world being so masculine-energy dominated, women enjoy having a safe, nurturing, supportive space where they can be themselves with other women. So what are your thoughts? Do you feel men belong in these types of circles OR do you feel they are meant to connect with She in different ways, for example having a connected partner who supports their awakening Divine Feminine qualities, or having a mother who nurtures that in them? As a man, do you feel drawn to a course like She Fire or do you prefer men's circles feeling that bringing out your healthy Divine Masculine naturally helps you balance out your relationship with the Divine Feminine? As a woman how do you feel about men joining courses like She Fire? Do you prefer it be women only? My intention is to be inclusive of everyone who resonates with the She energy, who needs support healing feminine wounds, and who wants to expand their connection with the Feminine Divine and their own Feminine qualities, whether man or woman including those of you who identify as LGBTQ. For sure it will be mainly women who join but I just wanted to make clear that I'm not going to exclude anyone as long as you deeply resonate with the course description and vibe. The honest truth is, what I've found as I write, is that it's impossible to remove my identity as a woman when writing about these topics. With my other work/writings I've opened up to the collective consciousness and off I go. This work is very different, it's coming from She and from a deep place in me that I've had to embody and so I am writing this as a woman, and as a mother. I've not intended for it to be exclusively for women yet the reality is, there will be parts of it that a man likely won't relate to (although can still be healing to know). I look forward to your thoughts on all this! ❤️💃🔥

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