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Team Humanity

Usually I'd write a big energy report when something as huge as Brexit happens. Likewise with our Aussie election/non-election. I started to write something, but honestly the energy of their games is just sooo yuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk

Puppet-masters pulling the strings People being lied to by both sides of politics

It's a distraction to be debating over which side or team is best for the majority because really, whether we are talking Australia, the UK, Europe or the US right now, neither side has regular people's best interests at heart. Some individuals within political parties do have good intentions, but that is quickly quashed by a greater agenda.

So we either give up in defeat.....or we take this as an opportunity to re-commit to our focus and visions for a united, peaceful, empowered, free humanity. It sounds impossible and idealistic, but millions of people have this same vision. It is a relative few that don't share it.

My feeling is, we are in the process of creating this future and that is why we are seeing so much chaos around the world right now. It is the old bumping up against the new. It is control fighting against the emerging tide of freedom. It is a pressure cooker, where those who have been disenfranchised in any way have had enough.

This is a good time to say some daily prayers for ‪#‎teamhumanity‬:

Thank you that we are free, and that this happens in a good way

Thank you that we remember our power, and that this happens in a good way

Thank you that more and more truth comes out every day

Thank you that I am guided every day to do something good for people, for all living things, for the Earth and all on her.


(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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