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Why does the opposite show up when I set a new intention?

Do you ever set a strong, new clear intention, only to have the complete opposite show up in your reality the next day? From asking for a healthy relationship, to a new job, to committing to a new health routine...all of a sudden, you get texts and calls from multiple exes, your boss offers you a raise if you stay in your job even though it makes you feel stressed out and unhappy, your schedule increases to make regular workouts 'impossible'. All of a sudden you are filled with self-doubt and worry, and berate yourself for not being able to stick to your new 'think positive!' affirmations.

This kind of response from the Universe and your own self obviously makes a lot of people wonder what is going on. "Did I not set a strong enough intention?" "Is the Universe testing me?" What you are seeing is a lot like what happens when you set about cleaning a room. At first all you see is a lot of dust! When you set a strong, new intention, anything in your energy field that is not a match to that new intention comes up for your attention, for healing,release or transformation. This is a good thing! Uncomfortable yes, but it is positive. It is not the time to stop or go back - it is the time to keep going! So next time you set a new intention, and things go a bit pear-shaped, don't despair or beat yourself up. Realise, aha! It is working! My energy field is responding! what is it showing me that I need to address? What thoughts, beliefs, old dreams, fears do I need to release or change here? Say thank you to that dust! ** We address this topic in Week 1 of Create a Life you Love.


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