Longest Lunar Eclipse joined by Mars

Old parts of ourselves buried deep rising to the surface. Some to be released. Some to be passionately embraced and expressed. Others to be loved and healed. As I'm sure you've read, the Lunar Eclipse happening in about 6-8 hours will be the longest this century. It was so interesting to read what made it the longest. Firstly, a Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, creating a shadow of Earth that covers the Moon. The length of an Eclipse depends on how much of the shadow the Moon eventually ends up passing through - sometimes it's just a bit of it, but with this Lunar Eclipse the Moon will pass right through the centre of Earth's shadow making the eclipse lon

Solar Eclipse opposite Pluto: From Darkness into Light

The Solar Eclipse on Friday 13 July 12.47pm (AEST) (Thursday 12 July 7.47pm PST/10.47pm EST) is opposite Pluto so it's going to be a big one for a lot of people. Solar Eclipses, if they affect you, (depends where it is in your natal chart - this one is 20 degrees Cancer), often trigger unexpected life events that accelerate our path/growth in some way. They open us up, sometimes with fabulous opportunities, and other times through challenging experiences. Pluto is about total transformation, and can signal death or rebirth, be it physical/literal, emotional or metaphorical.  Solar Eclipses in general, but even more so with Pluto involved, can make you feel "My life will never be the same aga

Jupiter Direct: Boost of hope for humanity

Jupiter goes direct today. 🌟 This is perfect timing on a day when millions of people worldwide are feeling more hope and optimism (two qualities connected to Jupiter) about humanity than we've collectively felt in a long time. There are so many problems to resolve and children to save, but today there are 13 people plus a 1000 member rescue team who have given us the shot of inspiration we need to: - Believe in humanity - Trust that miracles can happen. Even with the level of expertise involved, this rescue was an impossible miracle. - Remember that humanity love unity, connection and a common goal - Know the power we hold. Everyone has something to contribute be it your skill, strength, ki

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