Sadness being triggered

Sending lots of love to everyone. My FB feed is filled with posts by friends going through crisis, experiencing various forms of tragedy, loss and shock this week/this month. So much sadness is being triggered at the moment, and I've definitely been feeling it. For some it's a result of events in your life, or in the lives of those close to you. In other cases, old sadness that has been held by the body for a long time is being released. You might feel yourself feeling sad for no particular reason or your sadness might seem out of proportion to the actual situation causing it. Australia's psyche right now for example has been deeply impacted by the cricket cheating scandal, creating a tidal

Flow with the current of your Soul

Mercury goes into retrograde today. I've lost count of how many appointment times I've had to change this week be it to do with work, friends or school happenings! My diary is filled with things crossed out and changed to other days. (Yes I still use a paper diary, I love my pen and paper!) I have to say though, even though Mercury is known for making things like plans, communications and electronics go a little haywire, this whole year has been one of those 'Just go with it" kinds of years. It's like there are a couple of realities going on: the one you plan and write down in your diary - and then the real, soul plan that overrides any other plans and says "Here is what you are really doing

The Event...your thoughts?

You may have seen a flurry of info popping up in your social media or you tube feeds re 'the event' with a certain date/time frame attached. I have mixed feelings about 'the event' type info, and would love to hear your thoughts on it all. 'The Event' is something that lots of people have seen in their dreams, via QHHT sessions (quantum healing hypnosis) or through other intuitive visions. Most people see a rainbow light, haze or shimmer rolling in, covering the planet with good vibes. On the one hand, should a rainbow haze of bright light roll in, it's good for everyone to know that there's nothing to be scared of. Enjoy the high vibes and take it all in! On the other hand, knowing that so

She Fire Sessions are Here!

After 3 years of stepping back from 1-1 Soul Sessions, I'm very happy to let you know that 1-1 She Fire Skype Sessions are now available! When I let go of my Soul Sessions a few years ago I honestly thought that I was done with working that way. I loved connecting with everyone individually, but accessing information via my Crown Chakra no longer felt right for me. This doesn't mean it isn't a valuable way to access higher guidance - it is. However, after 20 years of working this way every cell in my being told me it was time to let go. Letting go of a very strong connection to 'up there and out there' had me enter the void - that place of the unknown. It is the place where you surrender to

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