Energy report update

This year I'm letting things happen in their own time without feeling that relentless whip of the calendar dates passing! I know a lot of you are waiting on the 2018 Energy Report. I intended to write it in the window between my holiday time and my degree intensive except there wasn't really a window! I finished my intensive last night and took this photo. It's part of the altar in my Women Philosophers, Mystics and Wisdom Teachers class 💃🏻🌺 So now I'm head down into the Report re-charged and full of Divine Feminine power and inspiration to share with you all soon! ❤️ Thanks for your patience ✨✨✨ #LifeSoul #BirthParenting #SheFire

Time is up: on ALL of it

I'd love your comments on the #whywewearblack theme at the Golden Globes. (Didn't watch it and if you didn't either, the female actresses all wore black in solidarity of other women who are whistleblowing re workplace sexual harassment, calling for gender pay parity, and saying #timesup re the way women are treated.) On the one hand, it's absolutely fantastic that the issue of sexual harassment and abuse of women in the workplace (or anywhere) is taking centre stage. The Hollywood happenings are giving a lot of other women and men the courage to speak up. This is generating conversation and putting perpetrators on notice. This is a major part of our big collective paradigm shift. On the

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